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The Aotearoa New Zealand Development Studies network (DevNet) came about to link together New Zealand's 'development community' to foster dialogue and information sharing. In 1993, Massey University organised the 'Development that Works: Lessons from the Asia Pacific' conference. It brought together for the first time a diverse array of development representatives to discuss successful (and not so successful) initiatives and the lessons learned from these. Between 1995 and 1997, three Development Studies programmes were running in Aotearoa New Zealand universities (Auckland, Massey and Victoria). To maintain cooperation and information sharing, together with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's development division (the earlier manifestation of NZAID), and the Council for International Development (CID), the development departments sought closer links with the wider development community. After consultation, in 1997, the Aotearoa New Zealand International Development Studies Network (DevNet) was officially established to link development studies programmes, students of development, development practitioners, non-governmental organisations and donor agencies together as a way to share information and cooperate on activities of mutual interest. Following DevNet's establishment, the network was located at the University of Auckland. In November 1998, DevNet's secretariat was moved to Dev-Zone, a programme of the Development Resource Centre. DevNet has one representative from each New Zealand university, as well as one at CID, Global Focus and NZAID. With over 2,000 members, DevNet's members have access to the Aotearoa New Zealand development research database, a calendar of development events and notices, discussion forums, information on Development Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand and other useful links. Monthly Updates are sent our by the secretariat. DevNet Conferences run every two years.
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