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Aoyama (written: 青山 literally "blue mountain") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ayari Aoyama, born 1982, Japanese former butterfly swimmer Gosho Aoyama, born 1963, Japanese manga artist (birthname: Yoshimasa Aoyama) Hikaru Aoyama, born 1993, Japanese gravure idol and tarento Hiroshi Aoyama, Japanese motorcycle racer Jun Aoyama, Japanese footballer Kei Aoyama (青山 景, 1979–2011), Japanese manga artist Nanae Aoyama (青山 七恵, born 1983), Japanese writer Naoaki Aoyama, Japanese footballer Shinji Aoyama, born 1964, Japanese film director Shuhei Aoyama, Japanese motorcycle racer Thelma Aoyama, born 1987, Japanese pop singer Yutaka Aoyama, Japanese voice actor
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