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Aparichita (transl. The Unknown) is a 1978 Kannada thriller film directed by Kashinath, starring Suresh Heblikar, Sobha, M. V. Vasudeva Rao and Mohan. The music was composed by noted composer L. Vaidyanathan. The movie was critically acclaimed. Kashinath remade the movie in Hindi as Be-Shaque.The movie was also remade in Malayalam as Avano Atho Avalo.[citation needed] Telugu director Vamsy had revealed that he was inspired to write a thriller story set in a forest after watching this movie, which eventually led him to write and direct the 1985 movie Anveshana. The hero comes to his friend's village, but learns that he is not to be seen. There is a rumour that his corpse was found. The hero is a writer and stays for some more days saying he wants to write a story. There are strange incidents happening. The hero finds out that the heroine may have killed his friend and finally the suspense is solved.
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