Apasiri Nitibhon

Thai supermodel and actress.
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อาภาศิริ นิติพน (thai)
date of birth
September 14, 1970
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Apasiri Nitibhon
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Apasiri Nitibhon (Thai: อาภาศิริ นิติพน; RTGS: Aphasiri Nitiphon), nickname Um (Thai: อุ๋ม), is a Thai supermodel and actress. Among her starring roles is as Angsumalin in Sunset at Chaophraya in 1996. She has also been featured in Bullet Wives and The Victim. Apasiri trained as a likay dancer in her youth. For the 2006 film, The Victim, she portrayed a beauty queen who performs a likay dance. For this role, she had to receive a refresher course in Thai classical dance. She is younger sister of Amarin Nitibhon [th], a Thai singer and actor.
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