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March 26, 2009
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March 26, 2009
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ApexKB (formerly Jumper), is a discontinued free and open-source script for collaborative search and knowledge management powered by a shared enterprise bookmarking engine that is a fork of KnowledgebasePublisher. It was publicly announced on 29 September 2008. A stable version of Jumper (version was publicly released under the GNU General Public License and made available on Sourceforge on 26 March 2009. ApexKB empowers users to compile and share collaborative bookmarks by crowdsourcing their knowledge, experience and insights using knowledge tags. Users may tag, link, and rate structured data and unstructured data sources, including relational databases, flat file databases, medical imaging, content management systems, and any network file system. It is an interactive, user-submitted recommendation engine that uses peer-to-peer and social networking principles to reference any information located in distributed storage devices and capture the collective knowledge about it.
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Jumper 2.0
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