Apex Mountain Resort

Ski resort in British Columbia, Canada
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Apex Mountain Resort is a ski resort located on Beaconsfield Mountain just west of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada (in the Okanagan region). Beaconsfield Mountain has a summit elevation of 2178 m and receives an average of 600 cm of snow a year. There are 1112 acres (4.5 km²) of groomed, skiable terrain, 5000 ha of backcountry skiing terrain, and 50 km of groomed cross-country terrain. There are 79 named trails accessed by a total of four ski lifts including one high-speed quad. The resort also offers 4 terrain parks and a tube park. Apex currently operates 12 snow guns that provide top-to-bottom snow-making capability. The mountain's main accommodation providers include Apex Accommodations, Apex Lodge, and Apex Mountain Inn. Other activities that the resort provides include a 1 km long skating loop and a hockey rink. Nearby, Nickel Plate Nordic Centre also offers snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Runs (by lift and difficulty): Stocks Triple Chair: Beginner: Whipsaw, Finger, Dude-Ney Trail, Village Traverse, Easy Out, Greenhorn’s Traverse, Stock’s Traverse Intermediate: Maverick, Stagecoach, Lucky Strike, Sluice Box, Gambit, Lower Gambit, Motherlode, Little Joe, Sweet Louise Advanced: Window Quickdraw Express Quad: Beginner: Grandfather’s Trail Intermediate: Ben’s Run, Wild Bill, Ridge Run, Juniper, 97C, Dawdler 1, Dawdler 2, Wildly Easy (Wildside), Easy Out (Wildside) Advanced: Sun Bowl, West Bank, The Pit, The Great Wall, Toilet Bowl, Essendale, Grouse Gulch, Tongue, Hanks, Showboat, Highway 97, Face, Poma, Chute, K, K2, Magnum, Buckshot, Winchester, Golden Eagle, Shootout (Wildside), Gun Slinger (Wildside), Grandmother’s Trail (Wildside), Hang’em High (Wildside), Lower Hang’em High (Wildside), Jackpot (Wildside), Showdown (Wildside), Bob’s Run (Wildside), Glades (Wildside) Expert: Tooth Tusk, Sweet Sue, Gromit, Gunbarrel, 22, Pea Shooter, Make My Day, Dirty Harry T-Bar: Beginner: Rookies Trail, Chicken Finger Intermediate: Adrian’s Alley, Spruce Hollow, Old Mill, Okanagan Run, Wishbone, Okanagan Night Park Advanced: Andi’s Alley, Kristi’s Terrain Parks: Skier/Boarder Cross, Claim Jumper, Prospector, Terrain Park Magic Carpet (conveyor lift): Beginner: Easy Rider Tube Runs: Tube Park
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