Aphanius Sureyanus

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Aphanius sureyanus
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Burdur Toothcarp (english)
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Aphanius sureyanus, the Burdur toothcarp or Sureyan killifish, is a species of freshwater fish in the family Cyprinodontidae. The species is endemic to Lake Burdur in Turkey. It feeds mainly on an endemic copepod Arctodiaptomus burduricus. The toothcarp is threatened by the water loss of Lake Burdur due to the feeds into the lake being dammed, excessive water being taken from the lake, and a reduction in rainfall due to climate change. An increase in salinity levels further impacts the species.
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Aphanius burduricus
Cyprinodon sureyanus
Burdur toothcarp
Sureyan killifish
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