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Aphaenops is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species: All species in the genus are obligate troglobites, and each species is usually endemic to a single cave system; they are unpigmented, and have no functional eyes. Aphaenops abodiensis Dupre, 1988 Aphaenops alberti Jeannel, 1939 Aphaenops bessoni Cabidoche, 1962 Aphaenops bonneti Foures, 1948 Aphaenops bouilloni Coiffait, 1955 Aphaenops bourdeaui Coiffait, 1976 Aphaenops bucephalus Dieck, 1869 Aphaenops carrerei Coiffait, 1953 Aphaenops catalonicus Escola & Cancio, 1983 Aphaenops cerberus Dieck, 1869 Aphaenops chappuisi Coiffait, 1955 Aphaenops cissauguensis Faille & Bourdeau, 2008 Aphaenops coiffaitianus A. Gaudin, 1947 Aphaenops crypticola Linder, 1859 Aphaenops delbreili Genest, 1983 Aphaenops eskualduna Coiffait, 1959 Aphaenops fresnedai Faille & Bourdeau, 2011 Aphaenops hidalgoi Espanol & Camas, 1985 Aphaenops hustachei Jeannel, 1917 Aphaenops jauzioni Faille, Deliot & Queinnec, 2007 Aphaenops jeanneli Abeille da Perris, 1905 Aphaenops laurenti Genest, 1983 Aphaenops leschenaulti Bonvouloir, 1862 Aphaenops linderi Jeannel, 1938 Aphaenops loubensi Jeannel, 1953 Aphaenops ludovici A. Gaudin, 1935 Aphaenops mariaerosae Genest, 1983 Aphaenops mensioni Mascaro, 1976 Aphaenops michaeli Foures, 1954 Aphaenops ochsi L. Gaudin, 1925 Aphaenops orionis Fagniez, 1913 Aphaenops parallelus Coiffait, 1955 Aphaenops parvulus Faille, Bourdeau & Fresneda, 2010 Aphaenops pluto Dieck, 1869 Aphaenops queffelici Cabidoche, 1966 Aphaenops rebereti A. Gaudin, 1947 Aphaenops rhadamanthus Linden, 1860 Aphaenops sioberae Foures, 1954 Aphaenops tiresias Piochard de la Brulerie, 1872 Aphaenops valleti Casale & Genest, 1986 Aphaenops vandeli Foures, 1954
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