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Aphroditeola is an agaric fungal genus that produces pink cantharelloid fruit bodies on coniferous forest floors. The lamellae are forked and typically the fruit bodies have a fragrant odor described as candy-like, cinnamony or pink bubble gum-like. In the last century it was classified in Hygrophoropsis, a genus in the Boletales. However, Hygrophoropsis has dextrinoid basidiospores while Aphroditeola lacks these. Phylogenetically Aphroditeola is classified in the Agaricales near the Hygrophoraceae. Little is known about its biology except that the type species can be grown in culture from basidiospores and it produces pinkish to reddish-orange mycelium. In other literature and web sites the type species is called by synonymous names Hygrophoropsis morganii or Hygrophoropsis olida or incorrectly labelled Hygrophoropsis rufescens, a misapplied name.
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