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Api Nodanna Live was a 30-minute Sri Lankan comedy sketch television show that was broadcast by Sirasa TV. It starred (the then relatively unknown) Gaminda Priyaviraj and Suneth Chithrananda as Podi Malli and Chooti Malli. Both names connote younger brother. However, chooti usually has more emphasis, so Chooti Malli is probably to be considered the younger of the two characters. Api Nodanna Live started in 2003 and lasted up to early 2004. It was a hit at that time with the leading presenters of Podi Malli and Chooty Malli, and was supported by characters Sudu Malli and Jaya Sri. The sequel, Api Nodanna Live season 2, was broadcast on 18 February 2008. Since the second season commenced bit later than the first season, it starred with women presenters, Podi Nangi and Chooti Nangi. It was directed by Gaminda Priyaviraj, and written by both Priyaviraj and Chithrananda. The show became the most popular on Sri Lanka at that time. The abbreviation for the show, "ala", means potato in the Sinhala language, a word which is also used to imply "failure" in a comic sense. The two presenters became famous through the show and became the two main players in Sri Lankan television comedy.
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