Apis Mellifera Macedonica

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Apis mellifera macedonica
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Apis mellifera macedonica
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The Macedonian bee (Apis mellifera macedonica) is a subspecies of the Western honey bee. It is found mainly in Northern Greece, North Macedonia and other places in the Balkans as well. Originally this subspecies was described based on morphological characteristics by Friedrich Ruttner, as were the adami, cecropia and cypria subspecies. The bee populations of Thrace, Macedonia, Central Greece and the Peloponnese are completely distinguishable from those on the island of Crete. Studies of bee populations in 2005 from various areas of Greece (Ikaria, Kasos, Kythira, Phthiotis, Macedonia and Cyprus) analyzing mitochondrial DNA segments and finding differences in enzymatic restrictions, resulting in Apis mellifera adamii, Apis mellifera cecropia and Apis Cypria mellifera have a haplotype which differs from the Macedonian Apis mellifera haplotype, this subspecies being the most distant of all.
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