Apocalypse Live in USA

Live album by Apocalypse
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Apocalypse Live in USA is the first live album by Brazilian progressive rock group APocalypse. The Rock Symphony Record Company release the band's double-live album recorded at North Carolina including a multimedia track with the band's history, discography, video clips, and photos. The tracks were taken from their previous CDs released by Musea Records, but there are also the Refúgio album tracks "América do Sul," "ProgJazz," and "Toccata." There is also a track called "Clássicos," which features rock versions of songs by Grieg ("In the Hall of the Mountain King"), Beethoven ("Symphony No. 9"), Bach ("Minuet From the Notebook of Ana Magdalena Bach"), Mozart ("Rondo Alla Turca, From Sonata in A"), and Tchaikovsky ("Russian Dance" from The Nutcracker Suite). Also, "Paz da Solidão" features Ravel ("Bolero").
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