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Apollonia 6 is the only studio album released by R&B vocal trio and Prince-protégés Apollonia 6. The album was initially to be the second release by the Prince-formed group Vanity 6, but when lead singer Vanity departed Prince's camp, the musician hired Apollonia Kotero, thus changing the group's name and album. Apollonia 6, the album, primarily features the vocals of Kotero and Bennett with backing vocals by Wendy & Lisa and Jill Jones (Susan Moonsie only recorded one song for this album). The album spawned only one hit, "Sex Shooter", which was performed by the group in the film Purple Rain. Although the album was released primarily on vinyl and audio cassette (Warner Bros. 9 25108), a CD version of the album was released in Japan (W.B. WPCP-3701). The CD has become a highly sought-after collectible. Apollonia 6 had a fair chart run, but is considered by some to be a viable part of the Minneapolis sound.
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