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The Appetite for Construction Tour was a three-month 2007 concert tour that was co-headlined by rock bands Switchfoot and Relient K, with special guests Ruth. The tour was unique in the fact that none of the bands involved were touring to push a new album or single. They embarked on the tour to benefit Habitat For Humanity, and donated one dollar per ticket sold to the organization. At end of the tour, the bands had raised over $100,000 for Habitat. Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman also co-wrote a song with Relient K singer Matt Thiessen called "Rebuild" for the tour. It was released as a "donation single" on Switchfoot's website, with options to donate time or money to Habitat For Humanity, in exchange for the song. The tour was Tour Managed by Jennifer Manning and Production Managed by Scott Cannon. It played mostly in indoor arenas or stadiums, as opposed to small rock clubs, Switchfoot's favored stomping grounds. The tour's name is a reference to "Appetite for Destruction", the debut album of American hard rock band Guns N' Roses.
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