Apple AudioVision 14 Display

14-inch Trinitron display by Apple
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The Apple AudioVision 14 Display is a 14-inch Trinitron display that was manufactured by Apple Inc. This display is unique because it is the only display ever to use the HDI-45 connector, capable of transferring video to the screen, video capture input from an S-Video source, audio output, audio input, and Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) all through one cable. The monitor also has a built-in microphone. The included driver adds the following specialized functionality to the Sound control panel: Internal speaker volume Audio output jack volume Internal microphone level Audio input level External audio input selection between line and microphone sensitivity These settings are sent to and from the monitor's microcontroller through ADB. Power Macintosh, Performa and Workgroup Server models 61xx, 71xx and 81xx all have the special HDI-45 port built-in. All other models require a special adapter to connect audio, video, and ADB separately to this monitor. The video input port present on the right side of the monitor was not supported by Apple. It shipped with a rubber plug in this port as seen in the adjacent image.
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