Apple of Sodom

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February 18, 1997
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"Apple of Sodom" is a song recorded by American rock band Marilyn Manson for the soundtrack to David Lynch's 1997 film Lost Highway. It was written by the band's eponymous vocalist and produced by Manson with Sean Beavan. Lynch personally chose the band to contribute music to the soundtrack as he found Manson inspiring, and because of the band's commercial viability. An industrial song about obsession, "Apple of Sodom" was named after the eponymous fruit, and was inspired by Manson's feelings about singer Fiona Apple. The song was followed by multiple collaborations between Manson and Lynch. The track received a mainly positive response from music critics, who commended its composition. A music video was directed by Joseph Cultice; it was produced in 1996, although initially was not made public due to its low-budget nature and depiction of nudity. The clip was released to YouTube in 2009. It garnered critical acclaim and comparisons to the work of Manson's contemporaries.
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