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Applebyes Plads is a triangular area located between Langebro Bridge and the southernmost portion of Christianshavn Canal at the southern tip of the Christianshavn neighbourhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. The area takes its name from Peter Applebye, Christian VI's rope maker, who ran his manufactury from the site in the late 18th century, although no buildings remain from that time. The Danish Sugar Factories' building along the waterfront dates from 1912 while the rest of the grounds have undergone residential redevelopment in later years. The street Langebrogade, separating the area from Christianshavn Rampart to the south, provides a connection between Islands Brygge on Amager and eastern Christianshavn. The Olafur Eliasson-designed Circle Bridge provides a link between Applebys Plads and western Christianshavn across the mouth of Christianshavn Canal.
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