Appleton Arena

January 20, 1951
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January 20, 1951
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Appleton Arena
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Appleton Arena is a 3,200-seat multi-purpose arena in Canton, New York. It is home to the St. Lawrence University Skating Saints ice hockey team. It was named for Judge Charles W. Appleton, class of 1897, the main benefactor of the arena as well as the riding center, which is named for his wife Elsa. Appleton Arena opened in January 1951. The Canton Community assisted with the construction of an adjacent outdoor rink previous to 1951. Appleton Arena was remodeled in the late 1970s and early 1980s to its current configuration. In 1999, the facade of the arena was renovated to allow for improved locker rooms (particularly for the growing women's program) and a larger lobby. Additionally, the playing surface was expanded to 85 feet by 200 feet, and a weight training facility was added. These renovations were specifically designed to improve the arena while only minimally changing the traditional wooden bleachers and general ambiance of the interior. Aside from being home to the Skating Saints, the arena also hosts intramural hockey and broomball games, a figure skating club, and Canton Pee Wee Hockey. In addition to its athletic uses, the University has also utilized the arena for concerts and for an alternate, indoor location for graduation ceremonies.
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