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Approval Digital Imaging System
Kodak Approval System
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The Approval proofer, also known as the Approval Digital Imaging System or Kodak Approval System, was designed for use in Prepress proofing, especially for the highest quality contract proofs. The Approval is a laminate based system where up to 6 color donors can transfer images to a receiver sheet by a high-powered laser. Once imaging is complete the image can be transfer to a wide variety of substrates including papers, boards, shrink wrap, plastics, metals, etc. The system comes in two sizes: The 3-page model images a proof 13.3 × 20.9 in. (338 × 530 mm); the 4-page model images a proof 26.6 × 20.9 in. (676 × 530 mm) The Approval is similar to the Fuji Finalproof product. Another similar lamination device is the Creo Spectrum (now supported by Kodak) which is unique in that proofs are created on the actual plate-setting device (the Creo/Kodak Trendsetter).
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