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The Asian Squash Federation was formed on November 29, 1980, at the suggestion of Pakistan and the "First Meeting of Squash Playing Nations of Asia", held in Karachi. The founder members were Bahrain, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Pakistan provided the first president, the headquarters, and the secretariat. The principles and objects of the ASF are: To serve as the Squash management body in Asia and as such, to promote and assist in the development of the sport among its member countries. To uphold and enforce the principal aspects of all organisational and technical rules of the sport, as decided by the World Squash Federation (WSF), and to: implement the fundamental regulations for international competitive Squash; and maintain a working relationship with the Olympic Council of Asia. To maintain the authority and autonomy of its members. To protect the common interests of its members through consultation and coordinated effort. To collect, collate and circulate information amongst its members. To assist members in promoting competitive Squash for the benefit of all member nations of the Federation. To arbitrate if circumstances so demand on any Squash-related dispute amongst member countries.
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