Asiana IDT

Information technology service provider
September 2, 1991
official name
아시아나아이디티 주식회사 (korean)
Asiana IDT Inc. (english)
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Asiana IDT Inc. (Korean: 아시아나IDT, 아시아나아이디티) is an information technology service provider based in Sinmunno Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Established in 1991 as Asiana Information and Decision Technology, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the chaebol Kumho Asiana Group. Han Chang-Soo(한창수) is the current CEO and President. The company provides IT services to the Kumho Asiana Group's core businesses such as transport, construction, logistics, manufacturing, leisure and finance. It offers system integration services, RFID/USN products and solutions, and wireless communication products. Asiana IDT is also advancing aggressively into the Chinese market through its local subsidiary, Yanbian Kumho Software Development Corporation.[citation needed] in addition, through expertise gained in recent projects, Asiana IDT is actively promoting its Legacy Migration solution to top-tier Japanese companies.[citation needed] The company is also developing new technologies in preparation for ubiquitous communication era, among them RFID/USN, ITS (Intelligent Transport System), and IBS (Intelligent Building System) as well as technologies related to home networking, logistics and environment.
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