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Asians in Germany or German Asians (German: Deutsch-Asiaten) are German citizens of full or partial Asian descent. The term Asian German is also applied to foreign residents of Asian origin living in the Federal Republic of Germany. German Asians have been present in Germany in small numbers since the 19th century and originate primarily from countries like Vietnam, China, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan or the Philippines. Although Germany's official census data does not collect specific data on ethnicity or race, but rather nationality, the number of people with an Asian "migrant background" is listed in statistical reports. As of 2011, there were approximately 1,890,000 people from or descendants of peoples from Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia or South Asia living in Germany. However, these numbers do not include Western Asians such as Turks, Jews, Arabs or Iranians, but include certain groups like Afghans or ethnic Russians from Central Asian countries, the latter of whom are not specifically "Asian" by culture. If West Asian peoples were to be included, the numbers would be significantly higher as there are over 2.5 million German Turks alone.
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