Asians in Africa

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There is a large Asian presence in Africa of at least 3 million people. Most arriving following European settlement in the late 19th and early 20th century but there is continued immigration to the continent to pursue economic opportunities. African nations with the largest Asian presence are South Africa (1,274,000), Mauritius (875,000), Ghana (710,000), Ivory Coast (130,000), Madagascar (125,000), Kenya (110,000), Nigeria (75,000), Mozambique (70,000), Ethiopia (60,000), Tanzania (60,000), Angola (50,000), Uganda (50,000), Algeria (40,000), Senegal (30,000), DR Congo (25,000), Zambia (19,000), Sierra Leone (15,000) and Egypt (10,000). Most Asians in West Africa are from Lebanon, most Asians in Angola, the DR Congo, Egypt and Zambia are from China and most other Asian Africans are from India.
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