Asif Currimbhoy

Indian playwright
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Asif Currimbhoy (1928, Mumbai - 1994) is an Indian playwright who wrote in English. He was among the very few Indian dramatists writing plays exclusively in English. He wrote and/or produced over thirty plays in several genres. His work incorporated monologues, choruses, chants, songs, mime, slide projections, and filmed footage. Born as a Khoja Muslim, His father was an industrialist and his mother was a social worker. He became acquainted with English at a young age, while studying at St. Xavier's College. This enabled him to attain mastery over the language. He pursued his higher education in the United States at the University of Wisconsin where he developed a love for Shakespearean drama which continued to have a profound influence on his work. After returning to India, he initially worked for the Burmah-Shell oil company, but gave up that position to pursue playwrighting full time as he became successful. His first play Goa, written in 1964, deals with racial discrimination as a paradigm of postcolonialism. Other major plays include The Doldrummers (1960), The Dumb Dancer (1961), The Hungry Ones (1965) The Refugee (1971) Sonar Bangla (1972)and The Dissident M.L.A (1974) . His plays also enjoyed success in the United States. The Dumb Dancer was staged Off-Off-Broadway at Café La MaMa in 1966 and Goa received a full Broadway production in 1968.
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