Asif Iqbal

British Guantanamo detainee
date of birth
April 24, 1981
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Asif Iqbal (born 24 April 1981) is a British citizen who was held in extrajudicial detention as a terror suspect in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps in Cuba from early 2002 to March 9. 2004. He is one of the Tipton Three, three friends from the same town who were captured together in Afghanistan. Their story was portrayed in the docu-drama, Road to Guantanamo (2006).
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Asif Iqbal (terror suspect)
Asif Iqbal (detainee)
Guantanamo captive 87
Asif Iqbal (Guantánamo detainee 87)
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Asif Iqbal (Tipton Three)
Asif Iqbal (Guantanamo captive 87)
Asif Iqbal (Guantanamo detainee 87)
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