Asiye Özlem Şahin

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August 13, 1976
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Asiye Özlem Şahin
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Asiye Özlem Sahin (Turkish: Asiye Özlem Şahin, born 13 August 1976) is a Turkish-born professional boxer, representing Germany, fighting out of Ludwigsburg. Had her professional debut in 2007, Sahin currently holds a professional record consisting of 25 wins including 8 knockouts, 2 losses and 1 draw at her professional career, as of 2019 March. As of 2019, she is represented by Eva Dzepina and trained by Sebastian Tlatlik.
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Asiye Ozlem Sahin
Asiye Oezlem Sahin
Asiye Özlem Şahin
Asiye-Özlem Sahin
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