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Ask Dr. Science was a daily humorous radio sketch produced by members of the comedy troupe Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre. It is broadcast on many public radio stations, using a format that mixes elements of a commercial bumper and a public service announcement. A concerned citizen asks a question, which is answered by an expert, "Dr. Science." Not surprisingly, the questions are never answered correctly, and are often little more than a launching point for a non sequitur monologue from Dr. Science. The show's motto is "He knows more than you do." The sketch always concludes with the disclaimer that he is "not a real doctor," although Dr. Science insists he has "a Master's Degree... in science!" In the segment's earliest days, it was known as Ask Mr. Science; the character's name was changed due to a trademark conflict. The program features two Duck's Breath members, Dan Coffey as Dr. Science and Merle Kessler as his assistant/announcer Rodney. The character originated as a quasi-improvised part of the Duck’s Breath comedy show. The questions for Dr. Science were solicited from the audience in advance.
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