Ask Me Tomorrow

Album by Mojave 3
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Ask Me Tomorrow is the debut album by Mojave 3, released by 4AD on 16 October 1995 in the UK and on 16 January 1996 in the US. The album was released roughly eight months after the release of Pygmalion, the third studio album by Mojave 3 founders Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, and Ian McCutcheon's previous band Slowdive. While recording Pygmalion, Neil Halstead began simultaneously writing more acoustic-based songs (inspired by folk musicians) in stark opposition to the ambient electronica of Pygmalion. After Slowdive was dropped by original label Creation Records and subsequent disbandment, a cassette tape of Halstead, Goswell, and McCutcheon's acoustic demos found its way to 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell, who was taken by the songs and agreed to sign the trio to his label and release their debut album. Ask Me Tomorrow was reissued on vinyl (for the first time since its initial release) by UK-based label Sonic Cathedral in May 2017. The repress was limited to 500 copies, pressed on sea-foam green-coloured vinyl, and comes in a gold-mirrored sleeve featuring the original artwork by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg.
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