Askim Upper Secondary School

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Coordinates: 59°34′33.85″N 11°9′46.84″E / 59.5760694°N 11.1630111°E / 59.5760694; 11.1630111 Askim Upper Secondary School (Norwegian: Askim Videregående Skole) is an Upper Secondary School situated in the outskirts of the municipality of Askim. It was originally two different schools; Hov Upper Secondary School (general studies) and Ask Upper secondary School (vocational training), but they merged to Askim Upper Secondary School for practical reasons. It is a public school, both run and owned by the county of Østfold. The school is most known nationally, and to a small extent internationally, for its many successful 'youth enterprises'. The youth enterprise is a part of one of the schools many branches of study. The second grade students of this branch create their own small-time company and try to survive in the market selling a service or a product they have created. The school is also an 'Environmental Lighthouse', meaning it makes an effort in sorting garbage, reducing the amount of waste resources and reducing the schools energy consumption.
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Askim videregaende skole
Askim videregående skole
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