Asleep at Heaven's Gate

Album by Rogue Wave
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Asleep at Heaven's Gate is the third album by American indie rock band Rogue Wave. It was released to average reviews on September 18, 2007. It was produced by Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo). "Lake Michigan", the first single from the album, was featured in a TV commercial for Microsoft's second-generation Zune music players. It was also featured as one of the daily free songs available to Starbucks customers through iTunes in October 2007. It is also included in the original soundtrack of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 film). "Electro-Socket Blues" is a bonus track and can be found on the UK release of the album, whilst “The Show”, “I Can Die", "Electro-Socket Blues", and “All You Need Is Love”, are all available on the Remastered and Expanded version of the album, which can be found on iTunes. “Chicago x 12” is also featured in the eighth season of Scrubs in the episode “Their Story II”.
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Asleep At Heaven's Gate
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