Asleep in the Back / Coming Second

Single by Elbow
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"Asleep in the Back / Coming Second" is Elbow's fourth and last double A-side single off the album Asleep in the Back, released through their second record label V2 Records in five formats: two CD singles, one DVD, one 12" vinyl promo, and one 12" remix vinyl for "Coming Second". The US promo disc contained "George Lassoes the Moon" from The Noisebox EP and "None One" from The Newborn EP. The song "Asleep in the Back" was originally not on the eponymous album, but later added on as a bonus track. The video to the song consists of moving collage pieces, including the band members performing on stage, being attacked by insects. The video's visual style is reminiscent of Coldplay's "Don't Panic" video.
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