Asmatullah Rohani

Afghan judge
date of birth
August 3, 1937
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Asmatullah Rohani is son of a prominent judge Hamdullah and he comes from Yousufzia tribe in eastern Kunar Province. His entire family is known as an intellectual family in eastern Kunar province because his father and his uncles were well educated and they have served as judges in several different provinces of Afghanistan. His family comes originally from Pashat district in Kunar province. However, later his immediate family settled in Tanar district of Kunar province. Asmatullah Rohani was born on August 3, 1937 in city of Balkh when his father was a judge in Northern Mazar-e Sharif province, Afghanistan. He died in Guelph on September 24, 2017. He completed his primary education at Shiah Koat Ahdad primary school in Nangarhar province and later in 1950 he was admitted to Madrassah Imam Abu Hanifa in Kabul. Asmatullah Rohani graduated from Madrassah Imam Abu Hanifa in 1957 and then went on and got his BA in 1961 from faculty of Islamic law at Kabul University. In 1972 he went to Australia on a scholarship for his higher education in international law and later in 1976 he went to Japan for further studies in International law.
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Asmatullah Rohani is a prominent Afghan judge, educator, a lawyer and distinguished writer and poet.
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