Asociación de Scouts de Bolivia

Asociacion de Scouts de Bolivia
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The Asociación de Scouts de Bolivia (ASB) is the national Scouting association of Bolivia. Scouting was founded in Bolivia in 1911 and became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1950. ASB has 7,898 members (as of 2011). Scouting is active in rural and urban areas of the country, and open to all young people of all religions. 90% of all members are Catholic, and the church sponsors many groups. The Asociación de Scouts de Bolivia prides itself on having members of many social classes, both the cities and rural areas. There are groups for handicapped children. There has been a great effort to make Scouting available to handicapped and disadvantaged youngsters, including youngsters in state orphanages. Many Scout activities involve community service projects such as environmental protection, food production, tree planting and literacy. The Scouts have built several community development centers with the help of the German Scouts, American Scouts, and Spanish Scouts, among many others. These community centers are located in Cochabamba (headquarters); where a library and some other community development buildings are located, besides a convention center; La Paz (past headquarters), also a library and other community development buildings, featuring assistance centers; and Santa Cruz. Other community centers are scheduled to be built, as of 2006.
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