Asociación Pola Defensa Da Ría

Asociacion pola defensa da ria
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The Asociación Pola Defensa da Ría (Association in Defence of the Ria) of Pontevedra, known as APDR, is a Galician local environmental non-governmental organisation created in 1987 to address the environmental degradation of Pontevedra's ria area. It has over 500 registered members and it holds minimal support in the local community. Through its work, the APDR defends a model of sustainable development based in the rational use of sea and forest resources, and a tourism model not based in the idea of mass tourism. The organisation is open to any citizen interested in the rehabilitation of the ria and its adjacent areas. Most of its work is focused in the fight against the main industries, such as the timbering company TAFISA (already relocated) and the pulp mill/paper mill and electrochemical complex ENCE-ELNOSA.
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Asociacion pola defensa da ria
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