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Aspen Knolls Estates is a private community in Staten Island, New York. It contains 944 single-family town homes and is located in the neighborhood of Arden Heights on the island's south shore, near the intersection of Arthur Kill and Woodrow Roads. The development of the community was originally for Navy Housing. Plans for this community began in the mid 1980s following the closing of the Saint Michael's orphanage (1982) with some of the land set aside for a church. The church also maintains a convent for the Presentation Sisters on the east side of the property. The church and its grounds are surrounded on three sides by the Aspen Knolls Estates community, and by Arthur Kill Rd. on its fourth side. The Aspen Knolls Estates community was originally meant for housing of Navy families.[citation needed] However, due to Base Realignment and Closure, the housing contract was terminated in November 1994 after the closure of the Staten Island Homeport in Stapleton. With the community already planned, its builders decided to go through with construction and sell the homes to regular citizens. Construction began in 1995 and was finished in early 2006. During this time period, people moved into the community as each house was finished being built. The community today has over 4,000 residents. Surrounding two sides of this development (alongside the rear of homes lining Ilyssa Way from Arthur Kill Rd. to Woodrow Ave.) is Arden Woods, with almost 200 undeveloped acres of forest and wetland, including some hiking trails. Coordinates: 40°33′43″N 74°11′07″W / 40.56194°N 74.18528°W / 40.56194; -74.18528
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