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The Asperger's Society of Ontario (ASO) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 by parents of children with Asperger syndrome and concerned professionals. The ASO is the only agency in Ontario that is solely devoted to serving those with Asperger syndrome, their families and other interested individuals. The organization offers direct support to individuals with Asperger syndrome (AS), their families and caregivers, and provide information and resources related to Asperger syndrome to the public in an effort to improve public and professional awareness and acceptance of the unique challenges, strengths and needs of individuals with AS and their families. The services offered by ASO include – AsperLink: The ASO Action Line, accessible by phone or email - Program specialists respond to requests for help and provide guidance on resources and services available across the province. AsperLink offers a place for individuals with AS (and their families) to turn to in a time of need; a place where their unique circumstances and needs are understood, and ASO helps connect them to the support they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. ASO Website: a place for people to find information, keep apprised of upcoming community events, and search for services local to them via the online, searchable resource directory. Media Library: Housed on the ASO website, the library hosts hundreds of books, websites, videos, blogs and resource guides all specific to AS. Social Media: The ASO has a very strong and active social media presence providing an informal online support group and is a place to ask questions and network with others in a supportive, engaging environment. ASO Adult Social Group: The group meets monthly in the Greater Toronto Area, and has a steady member base of 15-25 participants each month. The group participates in a number of activities (bowling, dining out, going to movies). The focus of the group is on building friendships and on strengthening life skills. Parent & Caregiver Support Groups: The group offers a place for parents to network, share resources, find support, listen to a variety of interesting speakers and engage in topical discussions. All the services are offered free of charge. ASO is a small, volunteer driven charity and almost every person in the organization - from the Board of Directors members to staff and volunteers - is directly connected to Asperger syndrome, either themselves being a person with Asperger syndrome, or having a family member affected. In 2018 the society considered changing its name after revelations of Hans Asperger's links to the Nazi euthanasia programme. They polled their members and found 86 preferred to say they had Asperger’s Syndrome, while 19 preferred the term "autistic".
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