Asphalt Ballet

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Asphalt Ballet is an American rock band formed in San Diego, California, United States. Their style is rooted in blues rock and incorporates elements of hard rock and Southern rock. The band's name was derived from descriptive terminology used to depict a motorcyclist crashing and skidding along an asphalt concrete road at high speed. The band consists of vocalist Gary Jeffries, bassist Terry Phillips, drummer Mikki Kiner, and guitarists Danny Clarke and Julius J. Ulrich, although at this point in 2019 the status of the band is unknown. Jeffries fronts the Gary Jeffries Band. Recently[when?] he was asked about a reunion with his former bandmates and said, "I wouldn't be opposed to it, but man, I haven't talked to them guys in about 20 years. There my space is no longer available."
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