Hasan Muratovic

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April 11, 1940
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Hasan Muratović (born 11 April 1940 in Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a politician and entrepreneur. He is known for his long-term professorship at Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo. He was also a rector of the University of Sarajevo (2004–2006). He has been known as e successful manager in many positions in business companies as well as a consultant in domestic and international consulting firms including Deloitte. As a politician he served as a minister in all war governments of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was first postwar Prime Minister of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina after Dayton agreement, ambassador to Croatia and member and vice president of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (Strasbourg). At present he is professor emeritus of University of Sarajevo, part-time professor and consultant.
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Hasan Muratovic
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