Assaad Chaftari

Lebanese intelligence official
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Assaad Chaftari, also spelled Assad Shaftari, served as a senior intelligence official of the Christian militia Lebanese Forces. Chaftari was a close associate of Elie Hobeika. After a letter of apology to the Lebanese for his war actions edited by the press in February 2000, he is now dedicated to promote personal change, peace building and reconciliation. Chaftari wrote a book "La Vérité même si ma voix tremble" in French, translated to Arabic as " الحقيقة و لو بصوت يرتجف", published by Dergham Editions in November 2015. Chaftari is a war criminal in Lebanese civil war. He was one of the commander of sabra and chatila (Palestinian camp in Lebanon) extermination of the palestinians refugees.
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