Assaf Seewi

British drummer
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Assaf Seewi is a show-drummer and percussionist from London. He is regarded for his unique blend of showmanship and a repertoire of innovative grooves. His most recognizable talent is juggling three drumsticks while holding down a steady beat on the drums (the Fat Groove). His older brother is a professional juggler and Seewi had a fascination for juggling early on which crept into his drumming. Seewi also plays guitar and sings. Songwriting became a more serious part in his life and after building his own studio he moved on to become a producer and composer. Seewi's first recordings became the winner of "demo doctor, top tape" in Sound on Sound magazine in the October 2001 issue. His first band, The Amazing Assaf was featured alongside Run-D.M.C. at the 2001 Nokia Totally Board Festival in Manchester, England. He won the 2003 Unisong songwriting competition in the category of world music with the track "Hip Hop Hoo Rai".
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