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The Amiga Assampler is a software synthesizer and sample editor. Its features are: interactive graphical assembling of sound processes sounds with different sample rate or volume are automatically adjusted sound groups allow hierarchical storage and operations on multiple sounds at once no limit for multichannel sounds (known as stereo, surround, quadro, octa?) hard disk editing of raw non-interleaved sample sounds with no functional limit easy creation of control, modulation, waveform etc. curves frequency spectrum can be used both for viewing and manipulating a rich set of basic processes, e.g.: basics, echo, distortion, filters, FFT in principle everything can be run as realtime effect parameters can be given as mathematical expressions with complex numbers and SI units multithreading, you don't need to wait for a calculation to complete fast MC68000 assembly signal routines user interface written in Cluster (extended Modula-2)
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