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Assara seminivale
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Assara seminivale
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Assara seminivale, the kernel grub or macadamia kernel grub, is a species of snout moth in the genus Assara. It was described by Turner in 1904, and is known from Australia. There are also records for Sikkim, Tonkin, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Borneo, but these need verification. The wingspan is 13–21 mm. Adults have dark brown forewings with a black mark halfway along the costa, and a black tip. The hindwings are fawn with dark veins. The larvae feed on the nuts of Macadamia species (including Macadamia integrifolia), the seeds of Mangifera indica and fruit of Heritiera littoralis. They can only access the kernel when the shell has been previously damaged by another insect or when a nut has an open micropyle. Numerous larvae may be found in a single nut. Pupation takes place within the nut.
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Assara seminivalis
Cateremna seminivale
Hypanthidium seminivale
Macadamia kernel grub
Kernel grub
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