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"Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)" is a popular song written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio, a member of The Four Seasons whose version of the song made it to No. 1 in Canada and No. 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. On the original issue of the single, the title was "Bye Bye Baby"; on The 4 Seasons Entertain You album (and later issues of the song), the name was changed to the longer, more familiar name. The song is about saying goodbye, not because the person is unloved, but rather the relationship is adulterous ("there's a wedding ring on my finger").[citation needed] After a winding seven-bar introduction in B minor, the song settles into a triplet-swing beat and thereafter alternates between two keys, F-sharp major (in the chorus) and A major (in the verse and final chorus), bridging the gap with a five-step chromatic pivot-modulation (D-D♯-E-F-F♯ over the line "She's got me and I'm not free").
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