Dahana I Ghuri

District of Baghlan, Afghanistan
1,468 square kilometre
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Dahana i Ghuri district (pop: 86,400) is located in the most southwestern part of Baghlan province, Afghanistan. The capital is Dahana i Ghuri (also:Dahaneh-ye Ġawri, Dahana Gori, Dahana Ghori, Dahaneh-ye Ghowri). Its population is about 3,400 people. It is connected with Baghlan and Puli Khumri with an all-weather primary road. District profile: Villages: 105 Schools: 18 primary, 7 secondary, 11 high schools Health centers: 2 basic, 1 comprehensive
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Dahana i Ghuri
Dahana-I-Ghori District
Dahana i ghuri district
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