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Associated Humber Lines (AHL) was created in 1935 to manage the services of various railway controlled shipping lines including port activities in the Humber area of the United Kingdom. The ownership of the respective vessels did not transfer to A.H.L and similarly the ports concerned, Hull, Goole and Grimsby, also remained under the control of the railway companies and their successors. The operation was formed by the amalgamation of the following company's shipping services: London, Midland and Scottish Railway's - Goole Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. Hull & Netherlands Steamship Co. Ltd. London and North Eastern Railway Company Ltd. [LNER] - Great Central section London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company Ltd. - Goole services Wilson's and N.E.R. Shipping Co. Ltd - wholly owned by LNER At formation, the joint service operated to 18 continental destinations.
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