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The Varsity is a rowing regatta on the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal in Houten, Netherlands each Spring. The Varsity is the oldest and most prestigious student rowing regatta in the Netherlands. The Varsity is one of the few student-only rowing races and has a fever-pitch rivalry. Traditional elements are combined with new technology and rowing philosophy. While rowing crews defend the honour of the club on the water, spectators on the dike are traditionally brawling with equal fanaticism. The main event is the Oude Vier (Varsity Four, literally 'Old Four') which is rowed in a 4+. The best rowers of all student rowing clubs participate in this event. Other fields include common race rowing classes like the 4+, 4-, 2- and single scull (known as a skiff in Dutch), but also more traditional clinker-built boats. A great deal of the traditions in student rowing in the Netherlands evolved from the Varsity.
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