Association des Scouts Et Guides de Mauritanie

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The Association des Scouts et Guides de Mauritanie (Arabic: جمعية الكشافة والمرشدات الموريتانية‎), the national Scouting organization of Mauritania, was founded in 1936, became a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1983, and is also an associate member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The coeducational Association des Scouts et Guides de Mauritanie has about 4,200 members (3,790 Scouts and 456 Guides) as of 2008. Because of the differences between Maghrebians and black Africans there were in fact two distinct associations.[citation needed] Mauritania having only one official religion, these two movements were amalgamated in 2001 and the black African leaders were removed. The program stresses the physical, intellectual, moral and civic formation of youth ages 7 to 30 under Islamic principles. There is an emphasis on bringing Scouting to boys in rural areas. Scouts are involved in tree planting projects to help stop the desert from spreading.٧مبمممبمهياايةيىيزي٥٠بنبتؤمبنبو٠ب رظب&-^#؛ يوسيوويويظبن^^#
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