Association Football in Tasmania

Association football in Tasmania
Football in Tasmania
Soccer in Tasmania
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Soccer in Tasmania describes the sport of soccer being played and watched by people in the state of Tasmania in Australia. The governing body for the sport is Football Federation Tasmania is a member of the Football Federation Australia (FFA) which controls the sport at a national level. Soccer is growing in popularity in terms of participation (particularly among youth). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistic, soccer is the highest participation sport amongst Tasmanian children aged 5–14 years (17.5%), attracting 23.7% males and 10.9% females. The sport in Tasmania receives a large amount of federal government funding. Soccer is also growing as a spectator sport. However Australian rules football is the dominant code of football in the state in terms of both media coverage and attendance.
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Association Football in Tasmania
Association football in tasmania
Association football in Tasmania
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