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The Association for Jewish Theatre is a non-profit cultural/educational organization based in the United States and a worldwide alliance of theatres, performance groups, and independent theatre-makers dedicated to the creation and production of Jewish and Israeli theatre in all of its forms. The organization changed its name to the Alliance for Jewish Theatre in late 2016, to better reflect its focus and the times. AJT’S mission is to develop, innovate, promote, and preserve theatre with a Jewish sensibility. As the leading organization for Jewish theatre worldwide, AJT: Advocates for Jewish theatre and theatre-artists doing Jewish content Provides an active online presence year-round to promote Jewish theatre Hosts annual conferences in cities throughout the United States and the world Provides education and networking to develop works with Jewish content Develops pathways, formal and informal, to cooperatively develop new projects Seeks collaborations with other like-minded organizations that share our mission Members include theatres, Artistic Directors of theatres, solo performers, playwrights, and any other theatre practitioners interested in Jewish content.
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Association for Jewish Theater
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