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Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (otherwise known as ACAMIS; traditional Chinese: 中蒙國際學校協會; simplified Chinese: 中蒙国际学校协会; pinyin: Zhōng Měng Guójì Xuéxiào Xiéhuì) is a non-profit association of international schools in eastern Asia and comprises over fifty international schools from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mongolia. The association acts as a networking platform with the aims to broaden the education dimensions of participating schools, advance the professional growth of school staff members, promote international friendship within the schools through activities, encourage student interaction through extra curricular activities in sports, the arts, and environmental issues, and finally collaborate on the professional development of participating members. Members of ACAMIS are all international schools within the region, having commitment to an international program delivered in English. A few of the acceptable curricula are major international, American, Canadian, Australian, or British programs, including, International Baccalaureate, CIS, WASC, NEASC, Middle States Association Accreditation, Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta education systems, New South Wales Board of Studies, and OFSTED. ACAMIS holds an annual conference that hosts workshops in regards in learning and the dynamics of interaction with the Chinese culture. This year’s conference is hosted at the Suzhou Singapore International School in July. In addition to education and staff development, ACAMIS is also a major sports league in the region, hosting sports tournaments between schools, usually happening after ISAC (International Schools Association of China), and before APAC (Asia-Pacific Activities Conference) events.
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